Ways to Improve Your Game

Stoke Your Competitive Spirit

Boccia takes the “Strategy of chess master…

The Precision of a billiards player…

The Patience of a hunter…

And the Heart of a Champion!”

Target Practice

Place a target   on the court in various spots.   Keep track of how many balls you get to the target area.  There will be some spots that are harder to hit. But keep at it.  The goal is to keep “closing the pattern”, until you can put all of the balls on the target

Serve and Follow

Practice serving the Jack ball and following up the serve, over and over.  Know where you are going to attack.

Stop Where You Want

Put an empty water bottle on the court. Your goal is to bump into the bottle without knocking it over. You need this skill to build a foundation wall. Hard to do!

“Play the Circle”.  You do not always have to hit the Jack to win. Find out what is the closest ball of your opponent and move it out of the way and throw inside that circle.

Use the Whole Box   Adjusting your chair to different places in the box, changes the angle and opens up shots that were not there before.

“USE  the best equipment.”      We have used Handi Life Boccia Balls for the past 9 years in Regional, National and International competition.  No other set offers the precision, durability, and quality of Handi Life Boccia Balls!

See You On The Court!