Tactile Boccia Grid


This piece of sophisticated equipment makes it possible to play boccia without vision

The rubber grid and press-in pegs allow the player to scan/see the board – that is scaled to the playing area – with their fingers. The Grid is scaled to the playing area 10 cm to 1 meter.

The pegs have different shapes for the red and blue team. The larger pegs are placed in the grid to represent the players sitting position. The other pegs are placed to represent the balls on the court.

This equipment provides a fun & excellent training of: focus – tactile senses – coordination – balance – space perception.

It enables visually impaired players to play a tactical game and compete with sighted players.




Playing Blind boccia is fun and a completely new challenge – also for sighted people!

The tactile boccia grid consists of:

  1. One Boccia Grid of solid rubber, scaling the court in 1-40.
  2. 15 plastic pegs to insert in the Grid. The pegs have different shapes for the red and blue team – and for the peg, which indicate the white jack:
  • 1 large red peg indicates the red player
  • 6 red pegs to indicate the 6 red balls
  • 1 large blue peg indicate the blue player
  • 6 blue pegs to indicate the 6 blue balls
  • 1 white longer peg, to indicate the white jack


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