How To Play Boccia Ball


How to Play Boccia Ball

What is Boccia Ball?

  • Would you like to know how to play boccia ball?  Boccia is a Paralympic sport. It is highly competitive and is fun for able bodied  as well as disabled athletes.  Boccia can be played individually,  Pairs (2 on a team) or Team (3 on a team)
  • Boccia is throwing sport. The balls can be thrown or put in play with a ramp.  The court can be any size for recreational play.  It is 10m by 6m for competition
  • You sit next to your opponent on the boccia court.  Each side get 6 colored balls, red or blue. Red goes first.  Red will throw the white ball (Jack) out on court. And then the same person who served will throw their first red ball out on court.



Order of playWho ever is closest to the JACK does NOT have to play.  So whoever is farthest, throws their balls until they get closer to Jack. There is strategy of blocking or creating a wall to stop your opponent from getting close to Jack.  You can bounce your ball off any otherball to get closer.

  • Scoring: After all balls are thrown the end is scored.  The color that is closest will score.  Players will get as many points as they have balls closer than their opponent’s closest ball.    You will play four ends.  The score accumulates after each end.  After four ends, the team with the highest score wins.  If there is a tie, one additional end is played.


Basic Boccia Rules and Strategies for Success in Boccia

  • Serve the Jack ball on your side of the court.  This makes the angle and distance more difficult for your opponent.
  • Follow the serve as close to the Jack as possible.  It takes practice but when you are able to do this you put your opponent on the defense.
  • When your following your opponents serve, get as close to the Jack as  possible.  Or get in their way.  Sometimes your best defense is to limit the number of points your opponent can score.
  • Find your sweet spot. With each disabled player, the way you throw, or roll, depends on your unique body.  With practice you can find what works for you.